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Saunas in Hotel Sommer

Work up a real sweat in Hotel Sommer!

You can choose from a Bio Sauna, Finnish Sauna, Steam Bath and an Infrared Deep Heat Room. There is a separate outdoor area for cooling off, or you can use the indoor pool or saline outdoor pool.


Finnish Sauna 90°:

The dry air strengthens your circulatory system and enhances its performance, thereby maintaining your overall health.


Rainbow Steam Bath 45°:

Humidity of 100% stimulates the skin, helps dissolve pathological toxins and promotes their elimination.


Sanarium 60°:

The "lower" temperature makes this organic sauna easier on your circulatory system and helps lower blood pressure if used regularly. The gentle overheating of the body has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.


Infrared Deep Heat Room 42°:

The air in the room is heated by infrared heating elements. This strengthens the body's immune system, stimulates metabolism and relaxes the muscles.

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