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Packs & baths

Soft pack

is a kind of waterbed. You lie on a rubber mat in a tub filled with 36° water. The heat enhances the effect of body packs. It lets you relax without weight and pressure. Please come in a bathrobe.


Body peeling before the pack           10 min. € 13,-
A good rub-down to remove excess, dead flakes of the epidermis on your face and body. Your skin's appearance is finer and it can more absorb other skin care products more readily.



NIGHT CANDLES OIL CREAM              25 min. € 38,-
Deep-efficiently and cell-activating with skin problems as for example Neurodermitis, scale lichen among other things


CLEOPATRA                                           25 min. € 38,-

For normal to dry skin. Moisturizes your skin.


MILK CREAM                                        25 min. € 35,-
For dry to very dry skin. Balancing with a lipid replenishing effect.


Mountain Herbs                                              25 min. € 35,-
The dried hay and hay juice help the body eliminate excess water and toxins and alleviate joint pain.


Thalasso Pack
With Marine Algae Packs, detoxifying and firming.



Three enchanting Feel-Good days - 2 nights

Three enchanting Feel-Good days - 2 nights

Let yourself be pampered. Experience three romantic days filled with variety and enjoy enhanced wellbeing.

Bavaria cuddle days

Bavaria cuddle days

Escape to Hotel Sommer and relax. By the way: We have a little surprise here waiting for you!

Allgäu Vitality - 7 nights

Allgäu Vitality - 7 nights

Relaxing massages will bring new energy and good mood ....

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