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Lake Forggensee – sailing, fishing, rowing and so much more ...

This lake

Hotel Seeis known as one of the most beautiful areas for aquatic sports and recreation in the Bavarian alpine foothills: Lake Forggensee. With a length of 12 km/7.5 mi and a width of 3 km/1.9 mi, it is a Mecca for aquatic sports enthusiasts and bathing beauties. The lake provides ideal conditions for surfing, sailing, fishing and boating. A most special experience - a sundown ride in a canoe. Hikers and cyclists can round the lake on the Forggensee loop with a distance of 32 km/20 mi.

There is an interesting piece of history that is not readily visible: The lake is a creation from the post-World War II years. The Lech river was dammed for the first time in the spring of 1954 to create the Lechsee lake. The option of letting water in and out reduces the risk of flooding when the snow melts in the spring and regulates the flow of water over the "Power Plant Step" located downriver.


By the way, did you know: The farther you get away from the southern lakeshore, the more splendid the view of the Ammergauer, Lechtaler and Tannheimer alpine ranges – and not to forget, of the royal castles, Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, - becomes. (Source: Füssen Tourismus)


Hotel Sommer is situated on the shore of Lake Forggensee, the perfect place for sailing. Regular winds in combination with an unmatched panoramic view of the Alps and the royal castle, Neuschwanstein. That is what prompted us to put together special packages in collaboration with the Forggensee Yacht School, which offers sailing courses of all levels.


The sailing season on Lake Forggensee is from May through October. You can sail on a Catamaran or any other sailboat of your choice. Forggensee Yacht School with a fleet of charter yachts and jolly boats is just around the corner from Hotel Sommer.


Boat rental on Lake Forggensee - only about 500 m/yd from Hotel Sommer. Electric boats, pedal boats and many others


Steamboat rides on Lake Forggensee - only about 100 m/yd from Hotel Sommer: You can experience the alpine panorama live from a steamboat on Lake Forggensee


Rowing with the Ruderclub Forggensee rowing club: Get a great workout and have fun while rowing on Lake Forggensee in a single-rower or multi-rower boat! Our hotel manager, a member of Ruderclub Forggensee, will be glad to advise you.


Fishing on Lake Forggensee: You can catch all kinds of fish in Lake Forggensee: Pike, trout, eel and many more Fishing is permitted in all 13 lakes starting April


Lake Forggensee – a reservoir! Lake in the summer, river in the winter!

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