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Hiking in the Allgäu region

Without a doubt, the area around Füssen and King Ludwig II's famous castle, Schloss Neuschwanstein, is a hiking eldorado.

There are countless well-marked leisurely hikes around the 13 lakes, through river valleys or in the Alps of the Allgäu region and Tyrol, Austria.
Numerous scenic hiking trails are groomed in the winter, so that you can enjoy the fantastic scenery on foot year round.

There are hike descriptions for every level of difficulty, from hikes of a few hours to all-day hikes.

Visitors can take a steep ride to an altitude of 1720 m/5643 ft in the Tegelbergbahn cable car. The view from the top is breathtaking with the charming alpine foothills and Munich in the far distance to the north and countless peaks stretching to the south. Tegelberghaus lodge's sun deck and café beckon visitors to stop for a bite to eat and drink and relax. There is also an easy nature trail with informative signs leading down to the former royal hunting lodge of Bleckenau (approx. two hours).

The wealth of culture and tradition in the village of Schwanengau at the base of Tegelberg mountain dates back to the hunters and gatherers of around 10,000 years ago. The Forest Service and the municipality have jointly built a culture and nature trail that teaches visitors about the history, flora and fauna around Tegelberg in an informative and entertaining manner.

The Säuling mountain at the end of the valley of Hohenschwangau climbs abruptly to an altitude of 2047 m/6716 ft with no prelude. It is the most attractive and prominent of the mountains towering over Schwanengau. It invites mountain enthusiasts to come up and indulge in the views from the top. A leisurely trail takes off in Pflach in Tyrol, Austria and brings you to the Säulinghaus lodge. From there, it's an easy climb through the rocks and across the Gamswiese pasture to the summit. The route from the German side takes off at Bleckenau and is a bit more challenging.

The Breitenberg mountain hovers over the Pfrontener Valley (approx. 20 km/12 mi away) like a massive barrier. The Breitenbergbahn cable car, which saves visitors most of the climb up, make this an especially popular mountain. It is not far to the top from the mountain station in the mountain pasture, Hochalm. From here, you walk up the switch backs on an easy trail until you reach the Ostlerhütte lodge.

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